Monday, 8 December 2008

Beachside Agility

Life has got quite stressful, so we all felt like a break. So we entered the BAABeachside Agility in Great Yarmouth. I must be mad - a 3 hour drive. But I was determined to make a break of it. Karen recommended Winterton beach for a walk, so we left early to brave the M25 car park.
At 2pm we arrived at Winterton. It was heaven on earth. Lovely sand. Idyllic. And so peaceful until we set foot and paws on it. Jordan waded in and the cockers played football. It wasn't the walk I'd planned and they were all too wet to eat fish n chips on the beach, so we departed to the Travelodge to dry off.

Arriving at the Travelodge caused great cocker excitement. I told J to hold them on a tight lead. Somehow we got to the room and I found Magic had a mouthful of Christmas decorations he'd retrieved in the foyer. Soon it was manic.
The next day J and R made a bad start in the primary jumping. J forgot the opening sequance and they were E'd. However they managed some very tricky handling. Another E followed in the agility - again because J forgot what I'd told him - well he is only 8. Clockwork tunnels was really difficult with lots of handlers getting lost and a long list of Es. But not J and R - they did a fast and furious stonker of an all or nothing round to win. Touch and Go was another fast and furious stonker that looked like a first place until J slightly turned his shoulders the wrong way before Rup committed to a tunnel entry and Rup obediently changed direction and shot in the wrong end of the tunnel. I was however pleased with that. It shows Rup is capable of running at this level and can - when he is not playing you've been cockered - handle at this level.
Meanwhile Magic had an awful day. There were no off lead walks due to livestock everywhere. So it was the car for most of the day and walks on the lead. A 3 hour drive home and Manic Magic made sure nobody got to bed.