Monday, 6 April 2009

The Flying cocker launches

It was a busy weekend. Scrambles on Friday, starters flyball at Barlylands and back to Scrambles on Sunday.

We had a lovely day on Friday at Scrambles. For some reason Rupert was dropping poles, so I need to see a chiro. I'm not sure if it is due to him been "over fuled" on the new raw feed diet or something physical. However all the problems went and he came 3rd in the novice steeplechase. Magic was a bit giddy in the morning and got E'd in the steeplechase bombing off into a tunnel. As the nursery agility was the last class of the day, I decided to ask Jordan to handle him. They are going so well as a team at flyball and agility training, I wanted to see what would happen in a ring. Well, it was quite cos it was the end of the day but it was also 5pm and well past cocker T-time. They flew off really well - fast and confident relating well to each other. Then they turned the corner and cocker spotted my van and flew to the van. Jordan called him back and he continued and then ran off to the van again. Shame. I think I'll wait till we get the enclosed rings at BAA before I try that again and try and get them in long before T time.

It was now 5.30 and it was still not cocker T-time as the circular knockout was about to begin. Rup was entered. Food was written all over his face. Well the king of speed did a cracking first round and we caught up with our oppoment and I had a scary moment on the flick flack as Rup charged towards her dog. Luckily she remembered the rules and gave way and Rup roared to
the finish. The second round Rup was in serious need of food. He stopped to sniff at some goose poo just before the flick flack, lost concentration and decided it was pull through. We lost vital seconds and got beaten. 6.00pm and T time came hours late.

Next morning we left a the crack of dawn for Barlylands in Essex for the Mad Mutts Starters tournament. This was Jordan and Magic's first starters. Guy took control of both Jordan and his friend, Charlie who was going to run Major - a giant Belgium shepherd dog. They were in the Wimbledon Waggers in Division B. Charlie went first, just as well as Major is a seriously strong dog and Jordan second again just as well as Magic is like a greased snake on the start line. Both Wimbledon teams were mostly composed of dogs who had only just started in the new year and it was regarded as a training experience. Some found it all too much, some got quite giddy. It was wonderful to watch Guy and Ray working with each of the dogs and the improvement throughout the tournament. Also with Jordan and Charlie to give them confidence. I was really proud of The boys and their dogs - although there is a lot to work on in terms of technique over time - they didn't put feet or paws wrong. Magic flew, faultless apart from running back in after the first run. It was also nice to see Lian's little Sizzle running so well in the other team. Well, the Waggers were saved from coming 5th on time and we came 4th.

Later that day we entered the Flying Cocker and the King of Speed in the 50 meter dash. The Flying Cocker was tired and wanted his tea as it was 6pm (again!!!) but the blue van was parked at the end of the dash (hehehe!!!!!!!) He flew the dash in 5.37 and the King of Speed at 5.54. The flying cocker was first in the mini dogs with the king second. However Magic also had the same time as Bramble who came third in the big dogs.

We finally got home at 9pm. Up at 6m for Scrambles. First up was Magic's nursery course. I have never seen such a ridiculous nursery course. A staggered start that would have sat well at novice level with traps. It was not a course for dogs at this level. People were quite angry and several handlers decided not to run or go NFC. To be honest I couldn't see the training in that course and after watching 10 Es was about to pull out when Marion sitting in her chair saw a line through the opening sequence that wasn't obvious walking the course. I lined Magic up in front of Marion's chair right on the ropes and he flew over the opening part and did lovely run contacts. He was a dream to handle and as we approached the last jump we were clear.....then the cocker struck he saw the finish and decided he wanted a little more fun and shot off for a lap of honour in a tunnel and back over the last jump. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beginners steeplechase was another course not really aimed at beginner level. I wasn't concentrating as Jordan and Rupert were due in another ring and due to the lack of ring party J was in tears as he couldn't find the queue. I ran Rupert for the rest of the day. We were 3rd in the steeplechase and surprisingly 2nd in the agility which was over a really challenging technical course that I enjoyed but felt it was aspirational.

Finally, again at T time. It was the Laser Pairs. I was running with Tracey and Star. Star was tired and Rupert wanted his T. It was over full height. We won the first heat. In the second Star was tiring and I took Rup too fast and he knocked a pole. Knocking that pole distracted him and he missed the tunnel entrance. He then took more poles. At least I know now the speed he needs to go at over full KC height when Jordan has him in the YKC agility.

It was then T and home to bed.