Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Noisest Shed ...and Car in Kent

We soon got over our disappointment at the Gun Dog show being cancelled by a fun Saturday spent training with the Whizzers.

Sunday was the Ball Busters indoor tournament in Maidstone. Rupert was in the Whizzers, who were seeded in Division 3 with a much faster time than the dogs available to run could do, given it was the first tournament or indoor tournament for the majority of the dogs. It was Rup's first indoor and first open.

The noise of the barking dogs and reverberation from the stone floor, steel roof and cement walls didn't put him off. He ran reliably - although he could fun back faster, stop chomping and double striding and stop thinking about whether to run for the ball or take the other dog's ball during cross overs. I'd also like to get him back to teh 25ft line where he does a much faster run. (I also need to make sure I wave the wubba well away from the line in my attempts to get a faster run back!!!) But he is on his way!!! The Whizzers got a lot of support from Ray and Guy who stressed it was the experience and to count the day as a training on the job day and just enjoy it. Well we did and came 3rd!!! But it is really having an enjoyable day with people and dogs from all walks of life that amkes the day.

The only person who didn't enjoy his day was Magic. Confined to the car with the noise of flyball going on was all too much. He barked and tried to chew and dig his way out of the car to be part of it. He also made more noise than that in the hall. Poor little cocker. Roll on 16th May 2009 when he can start his flyball career.

Jordan trained with Magic on Monday at Surrey Weald. If Magic measurers into medium, Jordan and the Magic cannon ball will go all the way to the top. Magic loves running with Jordan and is now learning to watch body language and Jordan is now using more vocals to keep him going on ahead. His run contacts are accurate he just tends to search for food at the end of the dog walk. The biggest bug bear is the cloth tunnel and wanting to go under the first jump - hey he must be medium if he can run under the medium height!!!!

Friday, 6 February 2009

The Gun Dog Agility League Show Cancelled

We are really gutted! The Gun Dog Agility show has been cancelled due to snow. To be honest it was the right decision. We were up since 6am checking AA roadwatch and we would not have got there anyway. Jordan and Rupert were 3rd in the Large Grade 1 League and J was really excited about the presentations. He's now decided he doesn't like snow anymore!!! After a week of snowballs sticking to cocker feathers and the icy slush it's become, I'm not too sure either now. Getting into Pachesham was a nightmare yesterday. Photobucket

Sunday, 1 February 2009


On Saturday we went to Golden Cross for the 2nd show of the C-Side crystal challenge tournament. I was not hopeful as Rup does not run well at Golden Cross due to the acoustics - the background noise seems to de-focus him and he finds it hard to hear Jordan's very quiet noises.
We nearly didn't go as I am that close to taking Rup off agility for a few months to repair the run contact after WAG last weekend. However I did some really intensive contact training with him this week but I wasn't hopeful.

Pigs flew. Well, the flying cocker did. He flew round the agility course with passable contacts and Jordan and Rup came 3rd in the Starters' agility. They then did a fantastic jumping round which sadly got faults when Rup did a wrong weave entry just before the last jump. They both seemed to have gone up several gears. Jordan was more calm and confident and both seemed more focused and not racing each other.

The afternoon's open jumping course was a real Rupert trap. A fast flowing start that led straight into a box with 3 diagonals. I could see Rup doing his flying cavalry charge and straight across the box before Jordan could get in there and switch. When we walked the course I tried very hard to warn Jordan or that danger as well as the need to do the 3 switches to execute the diagonals. ...As well as telling him there would be a lot of Es and it was the experience that was important.

As expected Rupert couldn't believe his luck and flew off over the first 5 jumps. Jordan was running flat out 2 jumps behind and would never catch him up in time to get in the box and switch. Then the cocker did something he has never done before. he decided for once NOT to take his own line if he got there first and turned and looked at Jordan just before he entered the box and Jordan started to run in a diagonal pointing to the left. Rupert immediately did a diagonal. By then Jordan was in the box and there was some lovely fast handling with beautiful switches. They then skillfully executed the rest of the treacherous course - the tunnel into right hand weaves and staggered finish. Jordan was so elated he stripped off his T-shirt. They finished 4th in a strong grade 1-7 class.

They didn't come down to earth in time for the open agility. It was a nasty backward start with a horrid angle from teh second fence onto the dog walk. Rupert went far too fast and fell off the dog walk. Then jumped back on to it from a standstill. Typical Parkbreck cocker.

So the good news is that Jordan and Rupert have now qualified for the finals of the Crystal challenge in March. Whatever happens it will be a memorable show with J and Rup in the finals and Magic making his agility debut in the fun run.

We spent today trying to speed up Rup's weaves and doing some Tellingtouch exercises to try and slow him down and focus him over the dog walk. We also introduced Magic to 12 weaves. He shows great potential but needs a lot of verbal prompting and encouragement. He is defiantely not a take-your-own-line dog. However he is a merry little dog who seems to enjoy running with Jordan.