Thursday, 15 April 2010

Good News Re Magic

Thanks again to everyone who has pm'd, emailed etc.

Well, there is good news on Magic. He went to see Kieran yesterday and extensive x-rays and shoulder fluids were taken. We've not yet got the results of the shoulder fluids yet. However what the extensive x-rays show is that nothing has broken, even in the wrist area. He is however in a great deal of pain.

Marushka, the sports physio came round with the vet this morning and she feels that it is the nerves that go from the neck to the shoulder that are bruised and there is impact on the wrist area due to this. IE very similar to whiplash. So she has started a course of magnetic and laser therapy and given me various exercises to do with the shoulder and a cold pack.

Subject to a further assessment and ongoing monitoring we anticipate Magic will return to his sporting hobbies after about a month.

Meanwhile the baby rhino, Smartie, got taken to puppy flyball training. He has such a herdy eye he gets quickly distracted and obsessive by dogs moving around him, so Michelle thought we should start doing some age appropriate training in these conditions to sort out this problem now. Jordan handled him and we had the second team in one lane with netting while Smartie used the other lane to run and fetch a ball and do a recall without keeping a collie eye on the other dogs. It was a great success as he soon started to focus on what he had to do and stopped eyeing and trying to chase the dogs in the other lane. He watched the rest of the training without lunging at the dogs running up and down and is a lot calmer around other animals. I'll start doing some pre-agility puppy training as he seems to benefit from doing a little more than obedience.

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