Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Flyball Glastonbury at Stockbridge

All of us at the Dream Team were looking forward to Easter. Three open teams and one starters team launching the season, mostly with dogs new to flyball. However I decided not to run Rupert in the starters as the forecast wasn't good so we arrived on the Saturday.

Having spent Friday in the sunshine 40 miles away, It was a real surprise to arrive on the Saturday and see a field knee deep in mud. The Jets took one look at my van and I had to park it miles away from the rings in a farm yard!!! We then staggered across the mud with Magic to be measured. This was a real pain as we were late and the measuring took place just by the rings, so mad cocker stood on tip toe and barked and barked and measured 12" not 11". Back we went in the mud. It was only 8.30and already Jordan was covered in it, Magic was grey and it was all the way down my wellies.

There were 2 rings and both were OK - just. Understand the Starters were cancelled at lunchtime the day before. As the rings were surrounded by this mud - there was nowhere to move them if it got worse.

We launched the new Maddogz - Magic, Mawgan, Tia and, as Kip wasn't there Wellie and one of our staters dogs Zen joined the team. The first race Magic ran down and stopped and was eating a large piece of sausage - got cocker in the lane!!! We then cleared out the remaining sausage and treats from the starters the day before. From then onwards Magic, Mawgan and Tia really came together as a strong team of 3 dogs made to run together. Tia and Magic really complement each other well as Magic doesn't chase back in after Tia and Tia is quite focused going in after Magic. It's nice not having to run 4th leg. Wellie was his usual reliable self.

It was good to chat to Mark Peck from Cambridge as Magic was gong to join forces with his father, Drake, and run as a height dog for Cambridge in the multi breed on the Monday. Drake in one team, Magic in the other. I was so excited!!!

By the afternoon we were borderline about racing, the rings were so bad. With more rain forecast, we weren't sure if we would race the other 2 teams the next day.

Well, Magic got his flyball dog award presented and we came 2nd in our division - would have won if it wasn't for that sausage!!!! But it was announced the tournament was cancelled for the Sunday and Monday. It took 4 4X4 to tow off the team minibus - I'll upload photos when I get them!!!!

We arrived home with mud everywheere. We hosed Jordan down at Stockbridge but he was disgusting. The dogs were. The van was and soon the house had mud everywhere. I am still washing clothes, dog blankets, and scrubbing the van.

Sunday we drove to Verwood to buy a caravan off an agility person. I arrived terrified with an armour of positive mental attitude. Armed with this I towed it out of a narrow entrance, down country lanes, petrol station and arrived home. Shame!! I could not for the life of me reverse it in our driveway. In the end the man up the road with his 4 sons came down and we pulled it in the driveway. So I am booked on a towing course and fitting a mover.

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