Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Magic Update

Thanks to all of you for your messages, emails, PMs etc. Here's an update.

I took Magic to see Kieran, the orthopaedic vet yesterday. I know Kieran really well as he reconstructed my cats paws when they were crushed and she has become one of his lecture case studies! The cat that would never walk again now climbs trees, jumps walls, catches mice but all her digits were reconstructed and pinned.

Kieran did an examination of Magic before talking to me or looking at the emergency vets x rays - he always likes to talk to the animal first. He confirmed that Magic's shoulder is very painful and there is a great deal of trauma. The x rays taken by the emergency vet don't show a fracture but I could tell he wasn't impressed by them at all and she didn't take shoulder fluids. What he discovered doing this examination is that it is the wrist area that is the cause of the problem. Interesting as just before we went Magic was lying beside me on the chaise lounge and I was doing Tellington Touch. I noticed when he was very relaxed that I could move his shoulder but when I touched his pads this was very painful.

So poor little Magic has to have more x rays on Weds. I don't want this but I feel and he feels better to know exactly what this is rather than treat the symptoms and return him to sport with a problem that we haven't discovered.

I am really annoyed as the emergency vet cost more than my caravan and we need to
redo the shoulder x rays and do the wrist. Why the lower leg was not done as procedure I do not know. So he is booked in with Kieran on Wednesday. He's off to Marushka, the physio this afternoon.

Please continue with positive thoughts. Magic is on very high pain relief but still wagging his cockerish tail and playing with his toys.I feel just awful.

Vicki took these lovely photos of Magic on Sunday. It wasn't one of his winning rounds but it does how the form he had that day. Please let our talented little dog carry on doing what he loved.

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Nat said...

Fimgers crossed for Magic, sounds as though he is in the best possible hands now. xXx